Hello Summer!!!

Aaaahhh summer. The sun, the heat, the clothes, the sand, the sweat, the annoying jeep rides… Anyway.

Love it or hate it, summer is on its way and what better way to welcome it than with your new Ray-Ban Wayfarers? With their cool retro-funky designs, Ray-Ban’s new S/S 2012 Rare Prints Collection is a must-have for every summer-loving beachgoer, or for someone who simply has an eyewear fetish (are there any of you out there?). Available in a variety of shades and colours to choose from, be sure to grab these babies real quick; you never know how many eyewear fetishists already have this on their wish list (I know I do!). Personally, I love the super multi-colored version (shown below) but for the more conservative types, the shades also come in more subtle tones. Happy shopping!

Eeenie meenie miney moh..