Zig and Zag

I can imagine myself wearing this in some beach with a drink on one hand and a nicely tanned boy in another

 The only thing I usually like about spring/summer and resortwear collections are the models; half-naked with their beautiful bodies walking in and out of the runway. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this post from a friend that might make me change my mind after all. It’s Rupert Sanderson’s Resortwear shoe collection and let me just say that I totally LOVE them. See, I’m not really that much into colors, all my clothes are either black/grey and so are my shoes but I can actually see myself wearing these. They’re perfect for everything from beach parties to an urban night out in the city to even just lounging around at home when you’re feeling down and you’re like me who wears good shoes when depressed. I must say the details are superb! The zigzag patterns, the bright colors not overly done, the “African-inspired” details, all make them totally unique and chic. Now if only they won’t cost as much as our rent for 3 whole months, everything would be perfect.