My Flies are Undone. Lily Donaldson.

I would so undo anyone's fly for this shirt

If you know Lily Donaldson, chances are you’re either a fashion fanatic, or your “most popular models list” is already 3 years old. I belong to the latter but who cares? LILY DONALDSON IS THE BEST, FIERCEST, AND DAMN RIGHT MOST BEAUTIFUL MODEL EVER! Dayuuuuummmm! She’s soooooo finneeee!!!! Anyway.

I first caught on with Lily when I saw a photo of her circa 2007, back when I used to read fashion blogs every single day. It was the “alien model” era, when models like Gemma Ward, Lily Donaldson, and Jessica Stam ruled the covers of Vogue simply by looking like they’re from another universe (this was followed by the short-lived “feline model” era which was basically the same look but with a bit more meow). I remember it was a snapshot of her with her back ribs showing and I thought, “Omygod she’s so cool!” That’s when it started.

And all my friends thought I was weird when I loved this...

Over the years, many models have come and go that have made it to my “favorites” list; Iekeliene Stange, Snejana Onopka, Coco Rocha, Freja Baha Erichsen, Coco Rocha, Chanel Iman… There were a lot of them but none have ever managed to topple Lily off of my “ultimate” supermodel ranking. I still follow her stuff from time to time (the latest from a “popular” brand is Calvin Klein) and it makes me a bit sad. Sure, I am well aware of the realities of a modelling career’s longevity but I miss all of them alien girls. I miss seeing all those photos from a few years back that made me look forward to reading my next fashion blog for the day.

Nowadays, with people clamoring for “diversity” and “unhealthy body images,” all I see are the same boring faces and bodies day after day. Where’s the beauty in that? Fashion is all about fantasy; a world where everyone’s ethereally beautiful and skinny, wearing clothes that make angels cry. It is not for everyone. And why would everyone even want to meddle with fashion? As Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach said, “So soon as a fashion is universal, it is out of date.” Some people just don’t get it.

I better look like this when I do my laundry this weekend

With a parting quote from Kaiser Karl himself when skinny models were being criticized all over, “These are fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television, saying that thin models are ugly. The fashion industry supports dreams and illusions, and no one wants to see round women.” I can’t say it any better. I therefore close my post with more pics of the gorgeous Lily D. I can’t pick enough photos to post in here, by that, I mean there’s just so much. Note: Google is our best friend. Enjoy!

Lily Donaldson (L) Caroline Trentini (R)

The Curious Case of Hideo Muraoka

Here are just a few of the MANY Tumblr posts I have of Brazilian-Japanese model, Hideo Muraoka. If you don’t know him, shame on you.

I really don’t know why but ever since I first saw him way back in PFW S/S 2011 (2 seasons ago), I’ve started obsessing about him. Well, not obsess in a ‘Fatal Attraction’ kind of way but maybe more like in a “super duper devoted fangirl” way. I remember when I first saw him almost a year ago, he and his wife (I know, this just breaks my heart) were being interviewed by all these reporters and I got the courage to ask him for a picture with me. He just smiled, stood next to me, and put his arms around me. *sigh* If only his wife wasn’t around.

My first ever picture with Hideo. No judgments. It's already a year old and I looked different. And oh, I remember my friends taking a picture with his wife while I was having this taken.

They’re just so perfect. Hideo and his wife (whose name for some reason has always eluded me). They even have a baby. There was one time I saw Hideo being interviewed and his wife was just standing by, with their baby. When Hideo’s interview was over, his wife smiled at him and handed the baby to him from afar and Hideo made this just oh-so-adorable thing where he was walking towards his wife and kid in a crouching, whatever, oh-so cute way. The picture of a perfect family. Two perfectly beautiful people together. Two articulate models, not the stupid types, together. Two very very nice people, stopping for anyone who approaches them, together. And of course, I can only assume but I’m confident of it, two loaded people together.

I think it’s what makes me attracted to Hideo; his so-called “perfection.” I can’t even see a flaw, no matter how hard I squint and try, I just can’t. Why do these people have everything? Looks, brains, a nice attitude, a great network of friends and acquaintances, and *ehem* money. It’s just these types of people that make me wonder why I am where I am right now and why are they where they are right now? Is it fair? Or is it just, the way things are? I wonder…

One last eye-candy for this post. Me with one of the "other Brapanese models," Daniel Matsunaga. Sure he's also one them "perfect people" but he's still a boy though. That's why I don't find him as appealing as Hideo, who is every bit of a man. *hihi*