Kiss me Hello

They have this statistic where they say the average woman swallows a total of 1 pound of lipstick a year (or maybe just half a pound, I didn’t really make an effort to remember). That’s 1 pound of oil, coloring, fragrance, and lots of those many chemicals we can’t even pronounce. I’m really not a lipstick person much more than I don’t really wear pink, but wearing that dark chocolate (Revlon I think?) lipstick last Saturday opened that door for me that can never be unopened.

Trust me, I'm wearing clothes.

I think I looked great in it. I think. (It’s that or the teddy bear) It was then that I set my hunt to have my own though with two qualifications; 1.) It must be a dark chocolate shade (this rule was then bent to “just dark”) and 2.) It must be organic, natural, or from a company who supports the organic/all natural “cause.”

I dropped by The Body Shop last the other night to look for a dark chocolate lipstick for me to try out. What they had however was this purplish shade that wasn’t really dark and wasn’t really my color so I got out of there feeling disappointed because their lipsticks were on sale (40% off! Hurry up girls!) and cause I can’t think of any other place that would meet my 2nd qualification aside from them. Apparently, I was wrong.

Just earlier, after deciding to check out The Beauty Bar at Gateway, I decided to ask the saleslady if they had a lipstick in a dark shade. I really wasn’t planning on it (and it was actually not in my shopping list of urgent “important” things) but since I’m the god of my own money, who cares? So she gave me this dark purple thing which I tried, bought, and took with me.

Giving up on my 2nd requirement after trying it on, I discovered that it was actually even better than what The Body Shop had. It’s Bloom’s Mineral Plus Lipstick in “Swing” (how appropriate for the shade) and according to their website and its package which I just read,

“Bloom’s Mineral Plus lipsticks have been made with the goodness of natural minerals, Jojoba and beeswax…”

"sealed with a kiss"

What a score! The last time I went to The Beauty Bar was that time I got my ever so reliable and totally gorgeous eyeliner from Prestige, and Human ❤ Nature’s chocolate lip balm. Now that I think of it, could all of The Beauty Bar’s “beauty stuff” be organic/natural? Well, that’s something I’ll need to know. For now though, I’m quite happy with my “Swing” lipstick. Being an “eye person” when it comes to makeup, it will definitely change things. I’ll post some pics when I get the chance. And oh! Please do share, what Beauty Bar treasures have you found? Feel free to comment below!